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Nigeria- Education Development not on Government Priority List

There have been constant increase in the number of Nigerians who on daily bases yearn for basic and tertiary Education, but our nation is been managed by leaders who see education as what should be enjoyed my selected few. Even states or regions that have reputation and great desire for knowlege through the four walls of higher institutions have been met with strict resistance which mostly comes from policies of political and government officials.

The state of Education in our dear nation is never on the front burner of national discussion as the whole process have been design to keep most Nigerians in that state of the unknown. One cannot but imagine how this country would have been if the total monies expended on political jamborees, procurement of arms and ammunition, prigimages are all channel into the advancement of this sector.

Public schools across the country are in a state not worthy of learning, where we still have schools without no roofing, tables, and chairs, where parents are forced to take up the responsibility of managing the basic day to day need of the schools. The whole process is appalling and our leader continue to travel abroad where they see the ways things are being done but are never motivated to come replicate such in their respective states.

These problems will continue to grow because of our unquenchable appetite for foreign commodities and even Education.

We cannot talk about developing our Education sector when major policy makers do not trust the system they created. Over 95% of political office holder pays foreign tuition for their children and associates, so one cannot expect any meaningful development in these sectors if our political office holders don’t have stake in the whole process.

The idea to make education process difficult and devoid of any form of quality by our leaders is to make Nigerians remain in the state where they never get to understand or have the ability to know of what their fundamental rights are. The process has been design to breed enclaves for political thugs and machineries.

Our leaders continue to profit from the dilapidated state of the country’s education sectors. Am sad because this process might remain with us for a very long time if few people that have had the opportunity to enjoy the freedom education gives continue to act in silence.






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