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NYSC Certificate Saga: Resignation, first price Adeosun had to pay for her Ignorance

This is Nigeria and anybody would have wondered why someone from a rich background like Adeosun could possibly forge NYSC certificate.

I started by acknowledging the fact that we are indeed in Nigeria where the legitimate could be acquired through back doors. Nigerians that have the opportunity to severe this country would understand my view point on how easy to get a genuine NYSC certificate without settling for a forged one.

What am I even saying? This is Nigeria where O’Level results that are acquired via the back doors are use to pursue legitimate admission into our tertiary institutions. Forging certificate for someone of the status of Adeosun is like saying that same fellow forged O’Level result that even those who cannot publicly express themselves passed with distinctions.

Back to NYSC, as a corps member few years back, it was obvious that the only reason why most of us that served in villages in Benue State didn’t redeploy or turned ghost was basically because we do not have the financial ability to pay the cost.

Most corps member actually believed it was a special privilege to be a ghost corps member while a few of us understands that the process was fraudulent and it was so obvious that NYSC knows such practice exist in the scheme.

So if Kemi Adeosun was aware of all this I know she wouldn’t have border herself with seeking for an exemption letter in the first place when she can just chose to appear in camp for two to three days for documentation and active the usual NYSC GHOST MODE.

NYSC final clearance for corps member was always like we are starting camping afresh as most corps members present on that day are those we have never met while diligently serving our father land.

There are so many ways which one can have his or her service years depending on how much that fellow could offer. Back then we had colleagues who come for monthly clearance but have no place of primary assignment, such corps members are always assigned to the local government where the Copper liaison officer (CLO) and the LGI are the one in charge of issuing monthly clearance letter,

Like i earlier said, it depends of your financial strength, back then we had corps member who do not come until the last day of clearance while some even gets their certificate sent to them by proxy or via post. After all DAVIDO left camp for a show in the US and even if he has a six month tour am sure there will be a way the NYSC people would make it a no issue for him.

Am sure if the former finance minister had known all these, should will have opted for a genuine NYSC certificate and would not have even thought of seeking exemption in the first place.

Nonetheless, I would have also expected that with her exposure she should have gone to the NYSC office in her state of residence instead of going through whatsoever means that produced her with a forged certificate.



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