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Why charge More than 2000naira for Post-UTME?

Just like the saying and believe of a friend of mine; that for every problems we face in Nigeria, its just an avenue for some people to make illegal money via a legal means.

That’s the case of the post-utme screening exercise being conducted by Nigeria Institutions across the country. One would wonder why even in recession, there was no contribution from these institutions who house some of the big wings of the education system, including professors and Ph.D holder in their numbers but could not come up any innovation that could change the lives of an average Nigerian.

Going back to the topic; why charge so high for an examination that probably last not more than 40minutes. Some schools charge as high as Seven Thousand Naira just to write a second qualifying exam. This is it,  UTME cost every candidate five thousand five hundred naira  each, excluding the cost of registration which varies across CBT centres. Some candidate had to change their institution and course of study and that also doesn’t come handy, it also cost two thousand five hundred naira, that also exclude the amount charge by CBT centres to do the changes, also printing of result slip which Jamb used to sent to candidates via post in the 90s free of charge now cost 1045 naira.

In a country where most of her citizens are considered illetrate and poor, yet are being forced to pay so much for education which lack of it has cost the nation billions of dollars to control the effect of what an ill educated society face.


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For Post-utme, it is on record that most schools did not charge 2000 naira while some charged as high as 5,000, 7,800 just for screening registration without conducting any examination. When are we going to stop taking advantage of ourselves in this part of the world? The idea of post utme is totally not a bad one but schools must not forget the purpose of the exam, and the exam should not be seen as another form of raising subvention for the institution.

Nigerians need education, they leave the country in droves just to get what their nation have failed to give them. I was at the NYSC orientation camp in Osun, i was shocked by the number of corps member who studied abroad, i mean i was trying to imagine the number i saw at Osun camp as a reflection of what is happening across all the NYSC orientation camps across the country.

Nigerians needs Education, even the western region which use to be the home of education is gradually sliding and no one seems to look in that direction.

We continue to spend billions on weapons to make the country secure while we ignore the root  cause of the insecurity in the first place.

At Eduwheel, we will continue to do our best, as our believe that everyone can be educated in not just a slogan but a goal we believe can be achieve in this present generation.


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