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The Controversy of 37 billion naira NA renovation,Politicians Playing the Good guy Script as usual

Its no news that the Federal government just approved the sum of 37 billion naira for the renovation of the National Assembly.

The approval have since received wide condemnation from Nigerians and most people are of the opinion that the country would have put the said amount into other useful live changing sector such as Education, Health etc which have little from the 2020 National Budget.

The controversies generated from the approval of 37 billion naira house renovation have also begin to catch the eye of politicians as most members of the house have now see the event as an avenue to be in the good book of Nigerians. Most of them not act like they have not set eye and learnt of the contract to renovate the National Assembly as most of the have not started going inline with the view of the public on the need to invest the said amount on Nigerian rather than a building which still could still continue to perform all what it has been built to do without spending such amount on renovating it.

Read Tweet from Rep. Bamidele Salam from Osun State

Read Tweet from Rep. Akin Alabi From Oyo State

One would actually not fault those who thought some of these politicians are just taking advantage of the news to appear in good books of most Nigerians. You guys were in the same house when this bill was passed and yet you people did not raise your voice against it. It never too late has i also agree with you guys that there’s a lot 37 billion naira can do in a country that has been adjoin the head quarters of people living in poverty.

We must priotise investment in human as a pritical part of out politics. Education should not just come to the mind of politicians just because it is easy to pay politics with it. Investment in Arms or security, roads, building, commerce can not bring as much change to the nation compare to what Education can give or deliver to us all.


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