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  • Eduwheel reserves the exclusive right under its refund policy to credit buyers that do not get value for the service purchased through Therefore, Sellers on Eduwheel, must comply strictly with the refund policy of, which is offered to the buyers as a guarantee on the account that the seller does not deliver the service as purchased by the buyer or does not meet the exact specification described by the seller on the website. However, a buyer must notify Eduwheel immediately on the completion of service by the Merchant/Seller or at the end of validity of the service purchased with receipt of their items by email or phone call with reasons for the refund. Eduwheel therefore offers a managed refund process to simplify refunds for buyers and sellers. This means that if a seller accepts refunds or buyer is due for a refund after necessary investigation by eduwheel, a buyer can then be refunded for the service purchased within 7 working days, with updates to the seller.