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NYSC Scheme should be replaced with NPower

The NYSC scheme is due for major reforms and this reform should be directed to solve most of the challenges the country presently face. We cannot continue to live in the guilt of the civil war even in our present day democracy.

The Nigeria youth are more divided along economic line rather that the perceived national integration purpose which the NYSC scheme was establish to serve. As a youth in Nigeria, most of our generation if not all have been able to live beyond the events that have characterised the ways the country threats us.

What are the basic need of the Nigeria youth? I think this should be a guide toward alleviating the sufferings of the Nigeria youth in general. Unemployment is a major challenge facing we youths, yet we get forced to serve our nation for a period that mostly have little or no financial and economic effect on our livelihood.

The NYSC scheme is not working, not because it is a totally bad idea, but its an idea that have remain the same way since the day it was conceived. Aside its major purpose of national integration which it is no more serving, the scheme is void of initiatives that could catalysed the Nigeria youth into being productive.

Npower no doubt is new and have since become a national program with a more advance and sophisticated ideology that is well crafted to efficiently work at this current state we found ourselves. The scheme is different from NYSC as it is not just an avenue for the youths to get paid but also gain vital experience in those areas Npower operates.

The reason why so many graduate don’t value teaching jobs is not just because teachers are under paid but an experience of just 6-7 months can never be convincing enough, and these are areas where the Npower program have touched and would definitely have positive effect in the education systems of the country.

The Npower is not without its own flaws but with the early deployment of technology into the process, those problem can be easily dealt with. Unlike the NYSC which has been turned into an avenue to rip Nigerian youths off their hard earned resources. I mean why should we be paying the government to enroll for a scheme that needed us more. We are simply paying to learn the lesson of National Integration.

With the Npower program replacing the NYSC, all the bottleneck being experienced in nysc can be easily dealt with, and we will have more youths in the two most vital areas of our growing economy which are Education and Agriculture.

The major high point of the Npower scheme over NYSC scheme include :

  1. It is a two years program. which afford participant opportunity to gain valuable experience in what ever field they apply for.
  2. It pay more. No matter how little one wants to view 30,000 naira, the 19,800 paid during NYSC cannot be compared to it.
  3. It afford participant a robust training in various field through the Npower Build
  4. If more youth are brought into the npower scheme, it will surely improve commitment which is rarely found in the nysc scheme
  5. Increase the number of employed youths, thereby reducing idleness which most of the time result to crime.
  6. The introduction of BVN have made the NPower selection and payment process so transparent, unlike NYSC where everything can be influences, including posting, redeployment and most of the time having corps member who are categorised as ghost
  7. One can never compare Npower build with nysc  saed program
  8. More incentive should be given to members of Npower who choose to work in rural areas
  9. Nigeria youths have just one common problem which is unemployment. NYSC have not been able to cushion the effect of unemployment on the Nigeria youth, but with Npower, if more youth can be added to the scheme, it will surely be a better alternative in the area of National integration and wealth creation.
  10. Npower stipend should be raised to 40,000 naira and should be made to run for 3 years.
  11. It is the only scheme that can currently replace NYSC
  12. Enough of National integration through a process that is no more working, our youths needs employment.

Just as i earlier wrote; I’m not saying the nysc scheme was a bad idea, but all am saying is that it cannot solve the problems of the second millennium.




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