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There’s a growing need to improve on carrying capacity of Nigeria Tertiary Institutions. The continued increase in numbers of young Nigerians who on daily basis seek tertiary education is becoming worrisome, and this can be reduce by increasing the carrying capacity of most of our tertiary institutions in the country. The authority should realise that every Nigeria youth deserve the right to seek education and be educated.

Nigeria currently have 40 Federal Universities, 46 State Universities and 69 privately owned universities and also with about 28 federal polytechnics, 41 owned by States, and 44 privately owned polytechnics. That is without mentioning monotechnics and colleges of education.

Going by these numbers I continue to ask myself why do we have all these institutions, and we can’t still reduce the burden of gaining admission into our institutions.

Most people have argued that establishing more higher institution is what the country needs but i believe if government can improve on the level infrastructure in all our institutions, we will not only be creating more admission opportunity for more Nigerians but also see us produce graduates that can compete anywhere they find themselves.

Investment in education is what the country needs at this time when criminality has become the order of the day and most of these acts are perpetrated by our youths who have lost faith in the system. At lease if guns are not helping us solve our security crises, let’s try education.

No nation can survive without investing in its people. Investment in Education, Health & Agriculture would go a long way.



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