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JAMB-UTME Result Should Last More Than A Year

I was so surprise when i read a news on how the Jamb registrar Professor Dibu Ojerinde expressed disappointment on the reduction in the number of candidates who registered for the 2015 UTME examination. Its amuse me a lot when i see people using the number of candidates who registered for UTME as a yardstick in analysing the Nigeria Education system.

The questions is how many new candidate seats for the exam every year? One would ask why the validity of the UTME result dose not last more than a year? Why should an examination body take money from people knowing fully well the country dose not have a system than can accommodate up to 25% of the total registered candidates and still continue to conduct an exam whose result has just a year life span.

It is rather appalling to note that a country with low literacy level would continue to toll a path that has continue to make her citizens desperate and seek dubious means to gain tertiary admission. There were periods when the Nigeria education system has little or less fear concerning the conduct of examination, but the reverse is the case in our current world just because we have an educational problem that needs more than just conducting examination.

The government now result to mass failure to cover up of their failure, because when you have less than 40% Utme candidate with admissible scores into tertiary institutions be it university, polytechnic, or colleges of education and we already have a system that can’t take more than 25% of total admissible candidates, then, others are either considered to have failed or not eligible for admission after various institution must have taken their own fair share of money from each candidates through the conduct of the kangaroo exam call Post-Utme. I cant stop smiling, one is call Unified and the other post Unified, this dose not make any sense to any right thinking educationist or in any working society.
t or in any working society.

I don’t have to remind the registrar and most stake holders that we have countries that conduct almost similar examination but can not afford to conduct or fund an examination body whose results would last for just a year. The reason is simple, how do you expect a country that has a system than can take almost all or everybody who desire to acquire tertiary education and giving every individual a huge sense of belonging be you citizens or foreigners to conduct an exam that avail students just a year admission opportunity.

Same people continue to write Utme every year and our profs. and leaders sees that as educational development. In a country where less than three hundred thousand candidates (300,000) candidates take part in the West Africa Examination (WAEC) yearly? If secondary school examination bodies dose not conduct examination for half a million students in a year and Jamb continues to conduct exam for over I.5 million Nigerians, then there’s a problem with the education system which requires more than just conducting examinations like i earlier said.

Nigeria needs more funding in the education sector and politician should stop politicising the system. Examination bodies should not be seen as money making organ of the government, and it will be more appropriate if the lasting period of UTME result can be reviewed to about 2-5 years. I feel the pain of the Nigerian students and their ever increasing zeal to always move on until that aim of being called an educated fellow is actualised.


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