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Jamb and FG should tell us why they are yet to release 2019 UTME results

If it takes this long to release the results of a computer based exam which is 100% objective questions, JAMB should rather cancel the whole process and let us have a more acceptable UTME exams which will be so pleasing in the eyes of JAMB

There’s no country in the world that criminalise her citizens like my country Nigeria. In Nigeria everyone is assumed to have greater potential or tendency to steal, cheat, kill and even destroyed.

If Nigeria must free itself from continued and increasing crises, people must be treated with utmost respect. Government official these days try to play the role of an anti-corruption sheriff with the way and manner they feel at liberty to do and say anything.

This is the same country where a JAMB registrar who had opportunity to head a university, yet could not ensure #Nigerians get admission on merit. We won’t forget the VC that oversees an admission process where those who didn’t appear for screening were admitted to study medicine.

It is sad that those who are suppose to be at the centre promoting the image of the country continues to feign ignorance and refuse to accept the fact that they are not doing things rightly. Sometime one continue to imagine why FG thinks it must conduct UTME exam yearly

The process of having an Examination like UTME which continue to record close to 2million registered candidates yearly is a fraud. The govt. of Nigeria is using exam bodies such as JAMB to mop cash from parents and guardians.

An exam body raking in over 7.8 billion yearly in a country with the highest number of out of school children and illiterates in the world. If JAMB wants to make money for the govt., it should focus more on policies than this guerrilla style of conducting exams.

If Nigeria must make money through its exam bodies, FG should focus on policies that enable us sell our schools and exams abroad. FG cannot continue to reduce budgetary allocation for Education and expect something meaningful. One cannot be sure if they mean well for the sector.

We suggest that 1. That JAMB UTME exam should have at least 3 years Validity

2. JAMB should stop rushing. You cannot conduct a hitch free exam for 1.8million candidates in an atmosphere where everyone seems to be rushing for no productive reasons

3. JAMB should work on policy frame works that will discourage Nigerians from cheating during exam, instead of having a war like exam yearly.

4. Admission is done yearly, so why can’t we have an Exam that can be conducted in the space of six months.

5. If the validity period of the exam is increased, number of candidates taking part in the exam with reduce, which will give room for JAMB to effectively curb lots of malpractices witnessed during the exam

6. Its computer based, waiting for 2weeks to get result is unnecessary


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