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EDUCATION: Buhari Talking More; Doing Less

The state of education in the country is one that needs urgent attention from all stake holders most especially the Federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Ironically, the Buhari government seems not to have any plan for the education sector, and have continue to spend more on security and infrastructure with the believe of creating a sustainable economy.

Which Nation achieve great economy with the kind of investment we currently put into the sector?  Powerful economy in the world are driven not just by building roads, bridges, rail lines  but also by creating a society driven by core values of educations.
Maybe we would have spend less on developing infrastructures  and security if we had place premium on developing the education sector of the country.

How do you expect people  who do not possess sound mind  to manage those infrastructure and how are we expecting to have a secure society if the people we are providing security for do not have access to basic and quality education. It is not by sacking teachers, you can sack all the teachers in the country and still not achieve a purpose driven education system. What is the purpose of education in Nigeria in the first place? When we have answer to purpose of our education then we can now begin to talk about development.

The president on so many occasion have decry the level of decadence in the country’s education system, but all worlds without action is next to nothing. President Buhari have had the opportunity to change the tides but all we continue to see is talk without any critical actions to set things right and moving. This government have shown no respect for education despite having a professor as the vice President . It’s a shame that this government continue prioritise security over education not knowing that the best form of security is in Education.

Where is the education summit? And where are the result of accepting the fact that your administration have not done well in re-positioning the education sector over the years? It’s all talk without action, something needs to be done as a matter of urgency.

If it took the government of Goodluck just two years to provide basic infrastructure for twelve Universities, then why is it taking forever to open the maritime university for academic activities.

It is a serious shame that we continue to have leaders whose priorities is not creating a feature for the Nation.  In spite of the fact that insurgency still remain a threat to some part of the country, and even knowing full well the major course of this menace, government continue to seek solution through a measure that has never worked anywhere in the world we currently find ourselves. Security is the priority of any government and any serious government would know that buying arms and ammunition does not guaranty security. But we understand why things are like this in this part of the world. This is because the collective needs of the nation is always base on the need of the rich and elite among us.

They don’t see education as what should be pritrised because they can afford to send their children abroad for qualitative education which they have the chance to bring to every Nigerians but would not because their wicked intention to maintain the economy gap between the rich  and the poor.

Buhari should think of how much he spent to train his children in the United Kingdom and why a national leader such as him would not have faith in the Education system of a country he has always struggle to lead and eventually led twice.  It won’t just work, if leaders continue to toll this path.

Do we ever learn anything from those countries we run to for education and health services? We want to know your policy on education and how you intend to achieve them, we want to see confidence returned, it’s still over a year to the end of this administration and we believe so much can still be achieved if improved and wise investment in made to develop more infrastructures and improve welfare of teachers.

Education is the way forward and the early Mr. President gets it prioritised, the better it will be for us  all.






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